Tax Day!

Have you squared up with Uncle Sam this year yet? If not, do not fret. Most of us don't have to do so until May 17th as 'Tax Day' was moved back until then. However, April 15th is usually the day we have to pay our taxes. It's interesting to learn more about where this day originated from, and to do so, feel free to check out: TAX DAY

In many respects, it is an arbitrary day since it can be moved due to a conflict with a recognized holiday such as Patriot's Day, or due to a global disaster such as COVID-19. We already paid our company taxes well in advance, so much so, that we received a discount for doing so through TurboTax.

At any rate, be sure to double check if you are required to still pay your taxes for 2020 today, or if you can defer paying until May 17th. Here's where you can learn more about that: MAY 17th DEADLINE

So, without adding any more links or thoughts to this topic, have a Happy Tax Day! Yes, it can be happy. Knowing you don't have to worry about taxes for another whole year because it's behind you can be reassuring and a breath of fresh air. And, in some cases, you won't have to actually pay a tax, but rather receive a refund.

All good things. All good things!

Happy Birthday to our Founder/CEO's Sister!

Happy Birthday to Megan Gaven, our Founder/CEO's sister. She turns 32 today! To be 32 again, right? Maybe you haven't turned that age yet, maybe you just turned it, or maybe it was a long time ago. Whatever the case may be, age is just a number. We are of the mindset that 'you're as old or as young as you feel'. No matter your age, you can still try something new, learn a new skill, and go to a new place, all the while bettering yourself in the process. Let us not forget that every day we have the opportunity to do the above (and much more).

We realize it's not the easiest to do this all the time. Life responsbilities come first and foremost, and oftentimes, it drains our energy enough to not want to go after creative endeavors for the simple fact we don't feel there is anything left in the tank. But, we're here to say you can go longer and bare through more than what you think. The human body is amazing, and super resilient.

With all this said, Happy Birthday to anyone celebrating a birthday today and 'Oh Happy Day' to everyone else!

Music Quote

There are so many good quotes about music that it's a great problem to choose the right ones to really focus on. With that, here is one we enjoy which we feel you might, too:

"Music is a means of giving form to our inner feelings without attaching them to events or objects in the world."

-George Santayana

Take a minute to let these words sink in...

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