Making Music Monday

It's a new week, so why not start it off on a high-note, pun intended?

As the title of this post says, we are making 'Music' today, 'Monday'. As you know, we make music every day, and so can you! Whether it be picking up a traditional instrument like a guitar, for instance, using your body to play percussion, or creating your own homemade ones out of materials found in nature, the ability to make music is all around us.

Let's keep that in mind when we are feeling blue or needing a release of some sort. Music can be that pick-me-up, stress reliever, and creative outlet all in one.

Have a Marvelous Magnificent Magical 'MUSICAL MONDAY' :)

Lucky Numbers 3 and 7

Happy Sunday! If you are anything like us, we really pay attention to numbers. They exist in a way for us to make sense of time, monetary value, dates on a calendar, maybe an astrological sign, and more. So, in essence, they aren't arbitrary. They are meaningful and purposeful, worthy of taking notice.

With that said, today is March 7th, 3/7.

Lucky number 3: All good things come in 3's as we've mentioned in a previous post this week, so in an effort to not belabor the point, please reference Wednesday's blog post. We've also been a fan of this number, and maybe you are, too.

Number 7: There are seven days in a week; when you get Three 7's at the casino (comibining 3 and 7), it's a big jackpot; our Founder/CEO was born on the 7th. We're sure you can find more patterns and occasions where the Number 7 has significance or relevance in your life.

Interesting things to think about, right? We hope this spawns a conversation with loved ones about numbers, because, at the end of the day, they are very much all around us and used in everyday life...

The Healing Power of Music

Sunset Beach. It sounds like a made up place, doesn't it? Almost like a land in a fairy tale. Well, we can tell you with 100% certainty that it does, in fact, exist. How do we know this? Because we're here right now. This is where some of our Founder/CEO, Jim Gaven's extended family lives all-year round. About 40 minutes north of Myrtle Beach, SC, it is a haven and relaxation spot for all who make the trek.

We are here for unfortunate reasons as Jim's uncle recently passed away from brain cancer. For obvious reasons, there's been a lot of emotions over the past couple days--sadness, mourning, joyfulness, happiness, and everything in between. We've shared laughs and tears, beautiful stories, and togetherness through music. The family is very musically inclined with someone dabbilng on the piano, playing the pan drum, ukulele, and just plain old singing at any given moment. It just goes to show us time and time again that music can play a huge role in the healing process. It is therapy, not just for the musician creating it, but for all those who open themselves up to receiving the notes, the melodies, harmonies, and the energy put into performing them.

For as tough as it is to say, 'goodbye' (for now) to a great man, Uncle Tom, it has been amazing to witness all the love and people who showed up to pay respects at his celebration of life mass in Shallotte yesterday. Music was a part of the mass, and a huge part of the rest of the day. Let us never underestimate or forget the healing power music can have on the body, mind, and soul. It can be your therapy. It can be a trusted friend to lean on in times of trial. It can literally be a lifesaver.

We've witnessed some awesome moments this weekend because of it.

Thank you music. Thank you, time and time again...

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