Happy 1st Day of Summer

Happy 1st Day of Summer! As the season officially changed today, we hope you were able to take advantage of the weather and the fact that it is the longest day of the year (sunlight-wise). Every day we have the opportunity to witness at least 2 things for free, the sunrise and the sunset. If we don't do anything else in a 24 hour span, we at least have these two events to inspire us until the next day. Let us not forget how amazing these parts of nature are, and let us never take them for granted.

Happy early Juneteenth

Happy Early Juneteenth!

Here are 5 songs you might associate with this day.



Happy Belated Flag Day!

Happy Beleated Flag Day! Let us not forget the importance the Freedoms and Liberties our American Flag represents. And, the same goes for other countries flags and what they represent for their residents as well.

A notable revelation we had recently about Flag Day:

It's placed right in the middle of Memorial Day and Independence Day. Conincidence? We think not. Everything happens for a reason, whether it's the reason we are thinking of or not.

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